EME 2040 (podcasts)

Introduction to Educational Technology at PBCC

A conversation with Eileen Robinson about what a sense of community is in relation to the community college.  Why sense of community is important for a college student to experience and how a sense of community helps with retention of the community college student.

Check out Professor Robinson's blog www.lifewithmycomputer.com for more information about technology in education today.

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Pod Six - Brilliance and the Brain, Thoughts on Discussion Two Brilliance is not related to brain size, but the brain's cortex shape. Brain changes can affect a student's academic potential and education outcomes. Also, Discussion Two with student thoughts on Ebooks in the curriculum - why do we need them, how would we use them?
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Podcast Five - EME 2040 - 6/3/06

Podcast Five for EME 2040 - Introduction to Educational Technology.

Professor Robinson discusses Internet Research tips. Going Deep: Finding Good Internet Sources...learn why using deep web / deep Internet you can find reliable sources for your research.


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Podcast Four - EME 2040 - 5/27/06

Podcast Four for EME 2040 Summer 2006 course at PBCC, 5/27/06.

Professor Robinson discusses the class postings on Virtual Education.

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Week Three - EME 2040 - 5/20/06

This is the third podcast for the summer 2006 EME 2040 Introduction to Educational Technology.

Discussion about up coming assignments:  Discussion One: Virtual Schools and the Chapter One Quiz.

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Week Two - EME 2040 - 5/13/06

Week Two - EME 2040 Podcast Two - 5/13/06

Dicusses the first 4 assignments. Email to instructor, discussion board introduction, Orientation Quiz, and Distance Learning Survey.

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Welcome EME 2040 - 5/10/06 This podcast welcomes class members of EME 2040 Introduction to Educational Technology for the summer 2006 session at PBCc.
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